About Premium Power Products

Premium Power Products is a leading manufacturer of replacement electronics and accessories for computer, digital and mobility products. The Premium Power Products brand is recognized throughout the industry for its quality and reliability.

Why Buy Premium Power Products?

The name Premium Power Products is synonymous with quality. Our products are built using the highest quality components which meet and most times exceed the OEM's specifications. Premium Power Products are guaranteed with a one year manufacturer warranty.*

You can count on power with Premium Power Products. Whether you're on a plane, in the car, or simply on the go, Premium Power Products provide replacement power when needed most. Our current products are compatible with thousands of models of portable electronic devices, including both new and end of life models. The last thing to worry about is power; Premium Power Products are trusted and counted on by countless consumers worldwide.

OEM replacement power products can be very expensive. All Premium Power Products are developed with the end user in mind, which is why our products help people save money on their replacement power without any compromise on performance. Premium Power Products power countless mobile and electronic devices worldwide and have saved thousands of dollars for end users in doing so.

*If you need to exchange or return your product, please visit the retailer or retailer's website that you purchased one of our products from. Exchange policies vary by retailer. If you are interested in becoming a reseller than please click here to fill out our reseller application.